Honey – Cure Of Diseases

Some of the first documented uses for honey in curing disease go back a very long time, in fact all the way back to the 15th century. However, I think that it’s important to report that many of these old “honey curative remedies” have now been scientifically proven through health studies, to actually help with many signs and symptoms of illness. I hope this little article will open your mind to the benefits of honey to promote good health, as well as help in aiding, and curing many illnesses.

Problem With Breathing
Before antibiotics were discovered physicians appeared to know the healing powers of honey, and how honey worked to kill germ that caused inflammation, and infection. This therapy was used to aid with breathing problems such as in Consumption or Pneumonia.
A room would be heated by heating blocks of sandstone with wood. Then honey would be poured over the heated stones. The vapors would soon overtake the room. The ill patient would breath in the fumes, and find relief from their breathing problem, and the honey would work as an antibiotic to proceed to cure the lung, and nasal passage.

Today we know that honey contains properties that are antiseptic in nature, and can work to kill germs. Honey is used today as a natural preservative, and known to keep food as well as beauty products fresh for a very lengthy time period. So, this very old remedy would seem to be a viable way to aid in breathing problems. Perhaps for a cold or flu remedy.

Wound Care
In the “Civil War” physicians would coat severe wounds with pure honey. ladling it on generously to coat and in some cases dry and become a bandage in the field of battle.

Again it appears physicians new the antiseptic germ killing properties of honey.
Today honey is used in many body lotions as well as anti aging skin treatments.

A bit of milk and honey in the bath can help sooth a sunburn, and at the same time moisturize the skin, not to mention add an even tone to skin.