Honey And Mythological Folklore

The Magical Powers Of Honey There is no better illustration of the belief in the magic power of honey than in the romantic tales of the “Kalevala”. It was the Kalevalal that the the magnetic effect of honey, steel was produced, beer was brewed, the dog was created, and with the help of honey’s blissful […]

Extracted Honey

A honey extractor and a honey knife will be needed if extracting honey. An extractor can be purchased from $50 and up, the price depending upon the size and style. When purchasing, you will want to consider the size of your operation or number of hives. Procure a hive the same as for comb honey, […]

Honey Vs. Sugar

The caloric value of honey nearly equals that of pure cane-sugar (1800 cal.). However,in every other respect it is superior to sugar. Honey contains about 1600 calories.The caloric value of honey nearly equals cane-sugar (1800 cal.). However,in every other respect it is far superior to cane-sugar. If honey contained no water in its make-up, its […]

Honey – The Wonderful

Why is honey so wonderful? HONEY is a carbohydrate, and one of the most easily digested carbohydrate known to man. The human body assimilates honey with great ease. Honey effectively works to generate heat in the body, which creates and replace energy, and furthermore, it is useful in forming certain body tissues. Honey also supplies […]

Hunting For Wild Honey

For centuries hunters have followed the bees for tasty honey… For many centuries man has hunted or followed the bees taking painstaking efforts to find active bee hives, and collect wild honey. Hunting for honey was actually an ancient sport, just as was as hunting and fishing. The hunt would lead them to hives that […]

Honey In Prehistoric Times

Prehistoric man, before he discovered it was smarter to live on the ground in a cave, instead of trying to live in trees, and in the process of his new found accommodations became carnivorous. He must have been also delighted in the luscious sweet honey which was plentiful in the forests. The friendship between man […]

Preserving The Quality Of Honey

Honey is a well known preservative. It has been used for ages as a suitable preserver of organic matters. In medieval England honey was well trusted to preserve meat, as well as leather. In Sudan meat is boiled in honey to preserve it freshness. In Ceylon honey is used instead of salt, which is another […]

Using Honey In The Home

IN COOKING, BAKING AND CONFECTIONERY When comparing corn syrup, refined sugar or molasses to honey for baking purposes, honey is far superior to all of the mentioned. For starters, the wonderful fragrance honey gives any baked good. The flavor is so unique, one only has to compare, and honey wins out every time. Honey has […]

Price Of Honey Can Vary

The price of honey can fluctuate, one must only take into consideration that any given country have their own varying economy’s. The abundance of honey and the country’s economy will dictate the cost of honey. Centuries ago, in ancient Egypt, where honey was abundant, and still is I might add, honey was sold for an […]

Honey – Words To The Wise

Today honey is regaining its status in the world of sweeteners. TODAY honey is on its way to have the significance it held in long past years. For a very long time honey was forced to take a back seat to refined sugar. After World War Two sugar production sky rocked, and honey was put […]